Demo Reel

DemoReel_-_2016_10_18_-_Vimeo_-_HD_Labels from AnnMarie on Vimeo.

Demo Reel: April 2016 from AnnMarie on Vimeo.

Demo Reel Breakdown:
00:01 - Kirby Buckets (Flash) 00:52 - DC Super Friends (Flash) 00:55 - Ugly Americans (Flash) 01:11 - Smurfs Animation Test (Flash) 01:19 - Muzzle Lipsync (Paper Animation with Clean-up in Flash) 01:24 - Baseball throw and hit (Flash) 01:47 - Doc McStuffins (Flash)

Portfolio: Character Design

Ming the Dragon (Flash, Traditional Media)
Imagination Girl: Character Concepts (Photoshop, Traditional Media)
Alison: Colour Exploration (Illustrator, Photoshop)
Alison: Initial Character Development (Traditional Media)
Alison: Through the Years (Illustrator, Photoshop)
Alison: Facial Expressions (Photoshop)
Pup: Poses (Illustrator, Photoshop)
Sensible Sue: Clean (Photoshop)
Sensible Sue: Character Exploration (Traditional Media)
Wendy (Photoshop)
Wendy: Character Exploration (Traditional Media)
Teeny Terrors (Traditional Media, Photoshop)
Water Wonder: Character Rotation (Traditional Media, Photoshop)
Water Wonder Action Pose (Traditional Media, Photoshop)
Water Wonder: Animation Stills (Traditional Media, Photoshop)
Water Wonder: Character Exploration - Squash and Stretch (Traditional Media, Photoshop)
Polar Bear Bartender: Poses (Traditional Media, Photoshop)
Lion: Clean Character Rotation (Flash)
Goth Girl: Character Rotation (Traditional Media, Photoshop)
Goth Girl: Poses (Traditional Media, Photoshop)
Mad Butler: Poses (Traditional Media, Photoshop)
Ugly Americans Characters Line-up (Flash)

Portfolio: Storyboarding

Imagine That!: Storyboards

Mad Scientist: Storyboard

The Cat Gets the Cream... Milk: Storyboard

Portfolio: Layout and Painting

A collection of paintings, both in both digital and traditional media. Works include characters from some well established series.

 Old Church - Ext

 Old Church - Int

 Toy Shelf

Burnt Forrest

Baseball (Illustrator)

Ugly Americans: Courtroom Hallway (Flash)

(Guache on Watercolour Paper)

Cousin Tony (Pen and Ink, Painter)

(Guache on Acrylic)

(Guache on Watercolour Paper)

Sensible Sue: Background (Illustrator)

Cartoon Character Collage (Photoshop, Illustrator)

Dexter's Lab: Ninja Girls (Photoshop)

Tengen  Toppa Gurren Lagann: Vector Nia (Illustrator)

Dexter gets the last Cookie (Photoshop)