Portfolio: Character Design

Ming the Dragon (Flash, Traditional Media)
Imagination Girl: Character Concepts (Photoshop, Traditional Media)
Alison: Colour Exploration (Illustrator, Photoshop)
Alison: Initial Character Development (Traditional Media)
Alison: Through the Years (Illustrator, Photoshop)
Alison: Facial Expressions (Photoshop)
Pup: Poses (Illustrator, Photoshop)
Sensible Sue: Clean (Photoshop)
Sensible Sue: Character Exploration (Traditional Media)
Wendy (Photoshop)
Wendy: Character Exploration (Traditional Media)
Teeny Terrors (Traditional Media, Photoshop)
Water Wonder: Character Rotation (Traditional Media, Photoshop)
Water Wonder Action Pose (Traditional Media, Photoshop)
Water Wonder: Animation Stills (Traditional Media, Photoshop)
Water Wonder: Character Exploration - Squash and Stretch (Traditional Media, Photoshop)
Polar Bear Bartender: Poses (Traditional Media, Photoshop)
Lion: Clean Character Rotation (Flash)
Goth Girl: Character Rotation (Traditional Media, Photoshop)
Goth Girl: Poses (Traditional Media, Photoshop)
Mad Butler: Poses (Traditional Media, Photoshop)
Ugly Americans Characters Line-up (Flash)


  1. These are great. Like the orange-head kid's sketches.

  2. I like the black girl with the crayon, nice character design.